Practice Areas

The Australian visa system is one of the most complicated in the world. If you are looking to apply for a visa, permanent residency or citizenship, the easiest and most


efficient way of navigating this maze of forms and regulations is through the use of a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) who has a comprehensive and thorough knowledge 


of the Australian migration laws and policy.


Work & Business Visas


These visas can be temporary or permanent visas. Examples of these visas are:


Business Talent, Employer Nomination Scheme, Regional Sponsored Migration, Distinguished Talent, Business Innovation And Investment, Skilled (Independent),


Skilled (Nominated), Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist), Temporary Work (International Relations), Investor Retirement, Training, Temporary Activity, Working


Holiday, Temporary Work (Skilled), Work And Holiday, Skilled – Regional (Provisional), Business Owner, Investor, State /Territory Sponsored Business Owner,


and State /Territory Sponsored Business Investor.

Tourist & Visitor Visas


These visas are for people who wish to travel to Australia as genuine visitors. Examples of these visas are:


Visitor (Tourist, Sponsored Family, Business Visitor and Approved Destination Status), ETA, Medical Treatment, and Evisitor.


Family Visas


These visas can be temporary or permanent visas. Examples of these visas are:


[Partner, Child, Adoption, Parent, Aged Dependent Relative, Remaining Relative, Carer, Orphan Relative,  Contributory Parent, Contributory Aged Parent,


Dependent Child] of Australian citizens, Permanent Residents or Eligible New Zealand Citizens (‘ENZC’).

Resident Return Visas


These visas can be temporary or permanent visas. Examples of these visas are:


Former Resident, Five Year Resident Return, Three Month Resident Return, and Provisional Resident Return.

Education / Student Visas


These visas are temporary visas. They allow the applicant to travel to Australia or remain in Australia to study or to accompany a student who is under the age of


18 years and has a student visa.

Protection, Refugee & Humanitarian Visas


Australia’s refugee and humanitarian programme is a contribution to the international protection of refugees. The purpose of it is to ensure that Australia can


respond effectively to global humanitarian situations and that support services are available to meet the specific needs of these participants.



These visas can be temporary or permanent visas. Examples of these visas are:


Refugee, In-country Special Humanitarian, Global Special Humanitarian, Emergency Rescue, Woman At Risk, Humanitarian Stay (the Safe Haven visa),


Humanitarian Concern, Safe Haven Enterprise (SHEV), Territorial Asylum, Referred Stay visa, Temporary Protection (TPV), and Permanent Protection visas.

Australian Citizenship


Migration agents are likely to be engaged for advice on complex matters such as special residence requirements, where the ‘good character’ requirement is an


issue for the applicant, or where an applicant is seeking a resumption of citizenship.

Review & Appeal


Where the Minister for Immigration or one of his or her delegates makes a decision that is unfavourable to a visa applicant or visa holder, in many cases the


applicant or their sponsor (or in some cases another interested party) can seek a review of that decision by a merits review Tribunal.



There are two Divisions with the AAT which are relevant to merits review of migration related decisions:


– Migration & Refugee Division; and


– General Division.

Ministerial Intervention


The Minister has powers under the Migration Act 1958 to intervene in your case when the Minister thinks it is in the public interest to do so. The Minister is not


legally bound to intervene or to consider intervening. What is and what is not in the public interest is for the Minister to decide.