Australia operates a regulated border. This means that anyone who can meet and demonstrate certain criteria, whether as a permanent resident, temporary resident, student or visitor, will be allowed


to enter Australia.

Australian migration law and policy regulates Australia’s border and sets the parameters within which ‘foreigners’ come to share in and enrich our community, enjoy our resources and become



exposed to our culture and values, whether permanently or for shorter periods. Migration law and policy is complex and multifaceted. It creates much debate in the community.

Registered Migration Agents work in a highly regulated profession. The involvement of the law extends to regulating those who can offer migration advice and assistance. To ensure that only properly


qualified persons provide migration advice, the MARA regulates registration of migration agents.



Migration agents must possess a comprehensive knowledge of migration law and practice. They must understand the values that support ongoing professional development, be able to uphold the


principles of the Code of Conduct for Migration Agents, and promote ethical practices.



Migration agents must have the ability to critically assess the needs of clients, apply knowledge of relevant law, policy and practice, and effectively communicate with stakeholders in delivering


professional migration services.



Due to the complex nature of migration law and the potential vulnerability of migration clients as a client group, the Migration Act defines migration advice and who can provide it.